Merry Christmas (And What We'll Be Drinking)

Merry Christmas everybody!

Here's hoping that at some point over these holidays you'll have a moment to pause amidst the insanity long enough to take stock and enjoy the warmth of contentment with a good glass of wine.  Looking ahead at the wrapping, cleaning, and cooking that awaits, moments of reflection like that appear elusive.  But one thing is for certain: we will be fortunate to have our dinner table surrounded by family.  And no matter how crazy we make each other, we are damn lucky to have one another.

Adding to our blessings is the gift of delicious wine.  Not only is it a wonderful accompaniment to the meal and a social lubricant, it helps to smooth out whatever wrinkles beleaguer us.  Despite the stresses (good and bad) ushered in by the holidays, we tend to be more forgiving with a heartwarming red in hand.  To be sure that forgiveness and gratitude overfloweth at our table, we've secured a Jerobam of Bogle Phantom. 

Is it the best wine we've had this year?  Certainly not.  But it is just as certainly a crowd-pleasing, heart warming wine that, in its huge bottle, will be a fun addition to the celebration.

Whatever you're drinking, we wish you a Merry Christmas!