Smokin' Deal Of The Month: High End Chardonnay

I first came under the spell of the Sangiacomo Vineyard when tasting Greg La Follette's Chardonnay from the same source.  An incredible wine that that quickly grows roots into the drinker, leaving you with a sudden sense of wealth - not in terms of portfolio valuation, but wealth of fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment.

At $30 a bottle, that was a worthwhile splurge.  Then I found Benziger's Chardonnay from Sangiacomo - for $20 - which, surprisingly, offers very similar characteristics.  A damned good wine I have happily paid $20 for several times.

Word on the street is that Benziger no longer has access to the Sangiacomo fruit, so they're blowing it out at a post-off price of $12.99.  The local Giant Eagle has it stacked by the case, which is exactly how I took it home.