Who Doesn't Love Surprises?

Frequent readers know that the Old Mission Peninsula in northern Michigan is quickly becoming known for high quality Alsatian white varietal wines - and at very fair prices, too.  However, reds from the region have come across as tokens; wines that speak to an obligation to bottle something, anything red.  They've tended to be thin and withdrawn.  Until now.

(Disclosure: this wine was received as a press sample.)

2010 Brys Estate Pinot Noir Old Mission Peninsula $30
Am I on Candid Camera? Seriously? This Pinot is from Michigan? No way. It's too damn good. Full house on the nose: fruit, spice, grip, and intrigue. And the palate delivers even more: depth, real fruit expression, and subtle smoke. Wow, wow, wow. Air smooths things out and a friendly mellow character emerges while the juicy tannins hang on.  This wine can stand comfortably among California Pinots and not be the least out of place. At $30 it is pricey, for sure, but it is exemplary for what this rising region is capable of.

Hands down the best red wine I've had from east of the Mississippi. Oustanding.