Expensive Wine Week: Carte Blanche Reds

We conclude the wine review portion of Expensive Wine Week with two reds, one of which is a hauntingly seductive Cabernet that will take weeks to shake.  Like the two whites covered in the last article, these are from Nick Allen's new Carte Blanche label.  As rare as these wines are, should you happen to come across one, splurge and you will not be disappointed.


2009 Carte Blanche Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley $125
Uncompromising and absolutely extraordinary.  As serious as the quality is here, it does not drink like a formal, stodgy wine.  Instead, the inviting, easily-knit texture draws you in with charm and leaves you speechless with its impact.  Friendly and inviting from the cork's pull, it benefits from decanting at this young age, but certainly doesn't depend on it. Surprisingly accessible.  The nose is generous and voluptuous.  The majestic Cabernet fruit is complemented by perfectly integrated soft oak that flatters the dense body.  And while full, it manages to be simultaneously lush, velvety, gentle, and confident.  A wine that will spoil you for all others.

2009 Carte Blanche Proprietary Red Napa Valley $125
A special wine of easy-going gravitas.  Six hours open transformed this previously closed and rigid wine into an example of opulence.  Wow, wow, wow.  Richly layered in soft, pillowy fruit, once it unwinds it fits like a bespoke suit that's as comfortable as an old cardigan.  The depth of fruit, delicate intensity, and deft balance make for an unequivocally special wine. 

Bravo on all counts for this terrific new label!