"Sanglier", French For "Good Shit"?

Review: 2010 Andrew Murray Vineyards Sanglier Santa Ynez Valley $15

Okay, so my command of the French language hits the wall after je ne sais quoi.  But this Sanglier is good shit indeed.  Shipped as a sample from Andrew Murray some months ago, I just couldn't bring myself to open a pink wine in the cool weather.  With the grill awaiting marlin steaks and not being in the mood for a white, this bad boy was itching to be opened.  And it fit the bill perfectly. 

There's nothing shy about this rosé.  Its concentrated pink color is beautiful and bold, and it doesn't mince intentions on the palate.  Direct, macho, proud, and ballsy.  There's no wishy-washying the fact that this wine was made from hearty Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre.  Bombastic, delish, and refreshing all at the same time, the Sanglier conveys certainty and deliberateness.  Better still, the baseline rises with every taste and there is no lull, just plenty of crescendo.

If you're a meat-eating, red wine-loving beast with a taste for something cold, this will satisfy your cravings - and them some.  Incidentally, sanglier is actually French for wild boar - a perfect name, whether suggesting a likeness, or a pairing.