The Cheapest Wine I'll Recommend This Year

Special credit goes to my Dad, a man whose palate runs towards Pabst and Yellow Tail, for sharing this discovery. 

Let's get one thing clear up front: this is not a complex, mind blowing Burgundy that will make your heart sing.  Nor is it going to stand up to examples from Sonoma Coast, Willamette Valley, or the Santa Lucia Highlands.  But it's $6.  Six.  Freaking.  Dollars.  And I've paid triple-plus that amount for less enjoyment.  After serving it to neighbors - who commented on how they liked it - this is an easy wine to keep in reserve for those spontaneous popovers...or for when you just don't want to think about your selection.

The 47 Pound Rooster is not labeled with vintage, nor is it labeled with an AVA.  Which means that the grapes used to make this wine could have come from anywhere and any vintage.  My guess is that there are grapes sourced from vineyards in California, Italy, France, and maybe even lesser known regions.  I'd also guess that the winemaking philosophy doesn't fall into the "great wines are made in the vineyard" school of thinking.  Rather, "how can we manipulate this into something drinkable and still keep it under $8 a bottle?"

Well, it's certainly drinkable.  Soft, full, and creamy, it's a Pinot with no breeding, but a lot of likeability.  There is a slight tinge of harshness on the finish which disappears after a few gulps.  No joke, folks - this is a deal and a half for anyone with an open mind and closed wallet.