4 Wines Worth Drinking Right Now

Two suits are on the subway riding home after work. One guy says to the other, "Pssst.  I got a hot stock tip for you: buy Bear Stearns." The other guy looks up from his paper and says, "Yeah? How much did you buy?"  
 Empirical evidence always trumps theory and analysis.  There are two cases of sample wines sitting in the Winethropology cellar right now, but what are we buying and drinking?  These gems: 
2007 Molino de Grace IGT Volano $10 
A 75/25 blend of Sangiovese and Merlot, this vibrant bargain of a wine brings out the best of Chianti.  Appealing for its balanced brilliance and round texture, it out-classed a much more expensive contender over a rich Bolognese recently.  At 5 years old, this is drinking perfectly.  And at $10?  Where can I find a case of this?

2009 Giuseppe Campagnolo Ripasso della Valpolicella $15
These so much to love about this wine, not the least of which is the refinement you get for the price.  Though it has the body and depth of a Ripasso, it also has elegance and delicacy that set it apart from heavy-handed Ripassos.  The bright acidity is subdued, providing balance and harmony.  Yum, yum, yum.

2008 Cameron Hughes Meritage Santa Ynez Valley Lot 254 $10
Sourced from the underrated Happy Canyon appellation, this true Bordeaux blend seriously over delivers.  It's big, brash, and has plenty of grip.  Unquestionably Californian in style and thankfully lacking the flabby excess that seems to plague every other blend out there right now.  Unfortunately it's not available online, but with over 5,000 cases made, it should be easy to find.  Score one in the win column for Cameron Hughes.

2010 Wente Chardonnay Livermore Valley Morning Fog $13
A guilty pleasure, this Chardonnay is big, oaky, buttery and everything purists have come to despise in California Chardonnay.  Still, it's an irresistible moped of a wine.  Impossibly consistent and (gasp) reasonably balanced for its girth.  So I've had a few, what of it?