Roberts and Rogers: Cabernet For Cowboys

Review: 2007 Roberts & Rogers Cabernet Howell Mountain $85
(Full disclosure: this wine was received as a press sample.) This is what you might call a macho wine.  When ranchers - and by ranchers I mean people who helicopter into their 500,000 acre pied a terres for the weekend - pull their thoroughbreds into the corral after a day of touring the land, this is what they reach for.  Mouth-coating, rough-hewn, dusty tannins are matched by boss (yes, boss) fruit flavors, and a grip that would reel in a Clysdale.  Deep, dark Cabernet fruit resonates at the low end of frequencies, while prominent toasted oak draws the high water mark for spice and comfort.  A compelling wine that we were sorry to see emptied so quickly.  Extending decanting is a must, as is using someone else's platinum card for ordering.
NOTE: Made in tiny quantities (less than 400 cases), this wine can be ordered on the Roberts + Rogers website for $60/bottle.