The Wine Curmudgeon

Knowing full well that you've got an almost insatiable appetite for irreverent, value-focused wine coverage, this plug for The Wine Curmudgeon's latest endeavor comes without hesitation.  For the unindoctrinated, Jeff Siegel writes one of the blogosphere's bright spots, The Wine Curmudgeon.  Jeff's punchy, frank style is every bit as appealing than his unapologetic yardstick for value.  In other words, in a mainstream wine writing world seemingly ignorant of the value of a buck, a voice like Jeff's resonates with wine drinkers who balk at dropping $30 on a just okay bottle.

Sound familiar?  If so, then not only should you check out his site, but you should also definitely check out his Kickstarter project. (Kickstarter is a funding platform for all kinds of creative projects from films to bakeries to video games.)  Jeff's Kickstarter project is a book, The Wine Curmudgeon's Guide to Cheap Wine.  Because this book hasn't been written yet, I can't recommend it, but I readily recommend funding it for two reasons: evidence and fun.

What's this book going to be like?  Easy.  Just take a quick breeze through Jeff's postings.  His writing is concise, his tone is one of gruff humor, and he's easy as hell to read - even for a casualty of ADD like yours truly.  Port those talents into a book and, dollars to Dolcetto, you'll have yourself an entertaining, enlightening page turner.

More compelling than that, though, is that you'll be a part of something tangible.  How great is it going to feel when you hold that book in your hands, hand it to your neighbor, and tell them that you were instrumental in making it a reality?  By funding Jeff's project, you're taking part in creating something new, something fresh, and something tangible about one of your favorite simple luxuries - wine.

So, do like I just did, surf on over to Kickstarter and jump on board.  There are some cool perks.  And Jeff is a real mensch.  Check out his short video intro below.