$12 Italian Kicks Ass With Burgers

Looking for a grill-friendly red to ride shotgun with your Memorial Day fare?  Sure, it's tempting to revert to all American bottlings, but this is one that deserves your attention for its exceptional value and all around friendliness.  Cheers! 

2009 Millefiori Appassimento Rosso Delle Venezie $12
First things first. If you don't know what a ripasso is, check this out. While technically this is an appassimento (not a ripasso from Valpolicella), now that you know the animal, you understand how a "common" country wine from northern Italy can achieve the heft and depth burgers demand. This particular specimen has all the fruit and extraction contemporary American palates find appealing without losing its Veronese acidity. For lovers of Amarone without the platinum card budget, keep an eye out for these little gems made by similar means from neighboring appellations. Pow, people, pow!