Chardonnay's Nemesis

Ladies gentlemen, start your grills. If you have had the pleasure of an overnight low of 78 this year then you know that warm weather is upon us in earnest.

Summer is here.

As the days wane towards the solstice and the mercury climbs with determination, you may find the old dependable Chard to be, well, like a turtleneck at a 4th of July party. Don't get me wrong, I'ms loves me some quality Chardonnay juice morning, noon, and night, but man cannot live on Chardonnay alone. Especially on the hottest of days.

Thankfully, we have zillions of alternatives. Case in point, AlbariƱo. This example is but one of dozens of options to be covered here in the weeks ahead, but know that experimentation rewards the bold.

2012 Terras Gauda Abadia di San Campio AlbariƱo Rias Baixas $15
Fresh, light, and fleet footed on the short journey from bottle to gullet. Young and tastes it, too. Bright, zesty, and made interesting by traces of flint and tart apples and citrus. Get some, people!