Significantly Improved: Fusion Revisited

Back in December we reviewed the 2007 Borra Vineyards Red Wine Lodi  "Fusion" ($19).  It's always helpful to get a second pass at a wine as the first impression doesn't necessarily allow for a full appreciation.  So, it was fortuitous that the good people at Borra Vineyards sent two bottles of the Fusion red blend.  Revisiting this wine five months later showed that a little time provided the space it needed to shed some of its baby-fat extroversion in exchange for substantial structure and a compelling complexity that hadn't been there before.  Still present is its grip and vigor, so, when served with BBQ grilled meats, it was a real head-turner at the table.  Reminiscent of Dry Creek Zins and Petites from the early 90's, but at a fraction of the cost.  You'd be hard pressed to find a package like this at a price like this.  Yum.