Deal Alert! $8 Pinot Noir!

Just a few nights ago I paid $16 for a bottle of the 2007 vintage of this on a whim.  It had bits of that funky tar and smoke that high end Sonoma Coast Pinots sometimes have, but without the high-strung, sophisticated aromatics that make you swoon.  Still, the bottle was dispatched with great efficiency.

So, imagine my surprise when just today I walked in to Market District (I imagine Giant Eagle has the same deal) to find truck loads of the 2008 vintage marked down to $7.99.

Folks, this is NOT a mind-bender of a Pinot Noir, but it is more than gulpable, has some nice spice box stuff going on, and ample fruit, too. But at $8?  It's a no brainer.

Decant and let breathe.  And while you should consider this for a case buy, it is not one for long-term cellaring.