Gallo Chard

As a sequel to the last review (Gallo's Signature Series Cabernet from Napa Valley), heres the Chardonnay from the same line...

2011 Gallo Chardonnay Russian River Valley Signature Series $30
There's a richness and luxuriousness here that forces a languid response to this wine. As in, it slows you down so that you can better pay attention. Concentrated Chardonnay treated to the characteristic California-style oak regimen yet with nary a hair out of place. Like its Cabernet sibling, it represents a significant step above the ordinary, though, if this is Gallo's entre into Reserve-level competition (think in league with Beringer's Private Reserve and Mondavi's Reserve bottlings), then it has a ways to go in terms of refinement and profundity. In fairness, however, the price is a fraction of the upper echelon products, too. If your tastes lean towards malolactic California Chardonnay and you're looking to splurge (without stealing someone's platinum card) this Signature Series is worthy of your attention.