Chateau Boutisse: Bordeaux That Makes Nice With American Palates

Bordeaux wines have been on a tear on these pages lately.  Not sure if it's the back to back stellar vintages of 2009/2010or a change in winemaking style, but the appeal factor of wines in accessible price ranges is dialing up.  The Bordeaux Wine Council is trying to bring some US daylight to the quality and value their region can produce and a couple of samples ended up in the tasting lineup this month.  The wine below is a head-turner with national distribution (so you should be able to find this fairly easily) that merits your attention.

Virtually every wine magazine and most or business newspapers have covered Bordeaux's self-congratulatory rising prices over the past decade-plus, so the Council has their work cut out for them in terms of bringing popular visibility to the non-Blue Chip oceans of wine produced there.  Good for them for putting a strong foot forward here.

2009 Chateau Boutisse Saint-Emilion Grand Cru $27
Completely unexpected pleasurable extroversion.  Ample, deep, dark, and expressive bing cherry fruit at its core that conjures refined Napa style that's still true to its Bordelais prevenance.  Elegance radiates along the refined and still-taut tannins.  Lovers of California's more elegant throw-back style will find a lot to love in this infant of a wine.  Buy a case and open one every third year.