Consistency Counts: J Lohr

Two wines tasted recently from this producer proved enjoyable enough to recommend.  Based in Paso Robles, J Lohr has been around long enough (and in wide enough distribution) to be recognized by most.  But this is one of those brands which, for all it's availability, seems to have become part of the background on wine shelves.  If it's always there, how special can it be?

Well, there's is reason why it's always there - it's consistently good.  And not just in one particular category, either. Their Cab and Pinot found their way into back-to-back evaluations here and both fared well.  Neither are what one would describe as subtle.  In fact, they share an obviousness that is compelling (though I'm not sure I could drink wines this rich every night).  Still, there's plenty enough interest and drinking pleasure to qualify these for repeat appearances.

Sticker price on these wines is right around $18 apiece, which seems fair to me.