Dispatches From California's Central Coast

As jet lag ebbs, I'm excited to share some experiences, lessons learned, and new discoveries from a week traveling along California's Central Coast.  The stretch from Santa Barbara county up to Paso Robles (and beyond) is full of worthwhile destinations and a week is barely enough time to scratch the surface. 

The next few pieces here will focus on a few of the winegrowing regions within the Central Coast appellation, some of the producers (some familiar, others new), and even some specific wines.  We'll start with Santa Barbara county, where we caught up with Andrew Murray in the middle of harvest, and continue on up the coast to Edna Valley, a place home to many under-the-radar values.  Finally, we'll look at what's going on in Paso Robles - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Of particular note in Paso is a special place already known to many, but is no less worthy of your attention: Tables Creek Vineyard.

Stay tuned for more on all of this and more!

Edna Valley and Iaslay Hill in the Distance
Old Owl Barn at Kynsi Winery
Old Windmill in a Freshly Planted Pinot Noir Vineyard

Fertilizer Program at Tables Creek Vineyard