As The Weather Changes - Masi Campofiorin

The seductive nature of wines made using appassimento are well chronicled on these pages. The winemaking process lends the resulting wines a richness and depth beyond their sibling, standard Valpolicellas without achieving the dizzying intensity of Amarone. They are also both much more consistently enjoyable than most plain old Valpolicellas - and more affordable/easy to find than Amarones.

As the weather changes, so do our diets. Appassimentos tend to shine during this time as our fare begins to reflect our reaction to the elements. The wine pictured below (2009 Masi Campofiorin IGT $20) is from the winery that invented the appassimento process. Whether it's this specific bottle or another, you'll find companionable warmth and comfort (in characteristic Italian style) in these Venetian treasures.

Special nod to this wine's bigger brother.  Yum.