Internet Deals: An Update

A while back we took a closer look at whether it really makes sense to buy wine online.  Doing the math, the deal has got to be pretty screaming for it to be worthwhile.

Well, here's a happy update that incorporates some helpful and actionable information.

  1. Earlier this week I recommended the 2009 Columbia Crest Syrah.  At $14, it's a hell of a deal.  But as common as Columbia Crest is, the Syrah is not so easy to come by.
  2. Taking some of my own advice, I used the super awesome Wine-Searcher site to track some more down.
  3. One of the few places in the results list? The previously recommended Marketview Liquor.  I've been to this Rochester, NY store and it's terrific.  They have a great selection, good prices, and responsive service.
  4. Click, click, clickety-click and I've got a 6 pack of the stuff in my shopping cart.  Price? $8.99.  Shipping for a case is $25, adding a touch over $2 per bottle.  As long as I was there I did a little poking around and grabbed a few bottles of 2010 La Grange Clinet Bordeaux, also previously recommended on these pages. Normally priced at $16, Marketview's got it for $11.  Oh, and it turns out that the Syrah is eligible for a case discount.
  5. All in my case of wine (delivered) is $130.49.  My cost to source locally (If I could even track down more of the Syrah)? $181.  I'll take a net saving of $50 any day of the week.
  6. These guys also do FREE SHIPPING deals on increments of 6.  Check out their website or Twitter feed.

So, Dave.  Yes, I've got a recommendation on a place for online wine.  Marketview Liquor. Shipping prices will vary depending on where you are, just as savings will vary based on what you're shopping for.

You're welcome.