Recycle Bin, Week of June 16

Hi everybody!  It's been so long since a Recycle Bin that this one should be a summertime harvest sized one.  This week we've got you covered with rosés, porch quaffers, and grill-friendly reds.  Enjoy!

PS- The Blogger platform's image handling is a serious pain in the ass.  So, until further progress (software or user), images will be at the bottom.  Note that clicking on any image will give you a full size.  Tech suggestions are welcome. 

2012 Edna Valley Vineyard Cabernet Central Coast $13 (Sample)
Approachable, textbook Centeal Coast Cab; mid-weight with pretty hightones of spice and oak. Some subtle herb and floral notes accompany the framing acidity. Something for everyone in this value buy. Uncomplicated and better for it.  Also be on the lookout for its sibling bargain 2012 Pinot Noir.

2013 Borra Vineyards Gewertztraminer "Nuvola" $18 (Sample)
You've not had Gewürztraminer like this before. Dry, feather weight, yet flavorful.  A wine of many subtleties that become less subtle more you drink - lots of pronounced nooks and crannies of exciting high toned flavors. Thirst quenching and legit. Legit enough to have drained almost the entire bottle in one sitting solo.

2013 Cune Rosado Rioja Rosé $14 (Sample)
Not your grandmothers rosé. An unapologetic wine with strong acids and old-school style. Begs for food. Made from Tempranillo.

2012 Banfi Centine Rosé Toscana $12 (Sample)
This leftover from last year got lost in the sample pile.  Glad to have found it again.  Straight-ahead rosé . Middleweight, pleasant, and with a bright acidity that's a nice little surprise. The moderate 12.5% makes this the perfect lunchtime quaffer. 

2013 Abadia de San Campo Albariño Rias Baixas $18 (Sample)
Textbook Albariño: crisp, bracing acids, and fresh.  Nice little bite on the finish which is dry and efficient. Epitome of a porch wine for summertime. Gulp gulp.

2011 Louis M Martini Cabernet Napa Valley $30 (Sample)
The bass pitch of this wine runs deep, but the many high-toned flavors make the emotional spectrum of this wine quite broad. Hints of blue green fruit highlight the treble while oak-coated tannins keep the dark fruit rhythm real. Not the stellar wine that the Alexander Vallry bottling is, but head and shoulders above many 2011s from Napa at twice the price.