Recycle Bin, Week of Sept. 22

Another mixed bag this week with one exceptional wine worth seeking out: the Chilean Syrah, which overdelivers on multiple fronts.  A lesson drinking wine at the right time comes with the Orvieto, too.  Cheers.

2012 Bastide Miraflors Cotes Catalanes $15 
I'll say this about this one: it's well-made, has nice clean edges, and plenty of flavor. Reminds me of an exuberant Beaujolais, except it has some cool licorice undertones going on that emerge after plenty of air. When I get this again? Sure. 

2012 Falesco Est! Est!! Est!!! $10
From the producer of the venerable Vitiano comes this lighthearted, whimsical white. While this palate prefers a similar blend of grapes from Orvieto, this (Montefiascone) will do just fine particularly given the sawbuck price point.

2009 Santa Rita Syrah Maipo Valley $14
Who knew they made Syrah in Chile? Fully legit, this deep, dark, sinewy Syrah is boggling. On par with some of the more intriguing examples from up-and-down California's coast line. This blockbuster value is one to buy buy the six pack and store for future enjoyment. If you can get past the silly sticker broadcasting 92 points, this wine should grace many an autumn dinner table. Terrific.

2011 Salviano Orvieto Classico Superiore $15
Still holding up well enough to be enjoyable, but I'm guessing this isn't anywhere close to the vibrant wine it likely was on release. A lesson on paying attention to buying wines within the right drinking window. For a white blend like Orvieto, what makes it so appealing is the tension between round, supple fruit and taut acidity. By the time it's in bottle for a few years, chances are the acids begin to take over. I'll still look for this in younger vintages. And Salviano's reds are worth picking up, too.