The Twelve Dollar Gauntlet

The ground beef package reads $7.29 per pound.  "All natural", not grass-fed.  Store brand.  $7.29 bloody dollars per pound.  Yeah, they have grass-fed, too: $12.99 a pound.  Ground beef!  Not prime rib or tenderloin or strip steaks; ground beef.  The pork section isn't much relief, either.  Nor the poultry case with its eight buck boneless breast and twenty dollar duck.  For crying out loud.

Food is expensive nowadays.  Know what else?  Wine.

Call it curmudgeonly frugality. Call it the onset of winter blues. Call it whatever you want, but this wine lover is throwing down the gauntlet. The $12 gauntlet.

Part experiment, part resolution, for the next month I will only be purchasing wines with a price point at or below $12. Inspired by some recently sampled (and exceptional) $10 Cotes du Rhones and disgusted by some recently sampled overpriced plonk, I look forward to the challenge (and the savings) this experience shall no doubt provide.

The reviews you will see here will all abide by this rule with the exception of press samples received for review. There's a pretty good chance that will translate to fewer reviews, but a higher percentage of terrific bang-for-the-buck finds. And with that as the gauntlet having been thrown down, I humbly solicit your help and advice on where to look for these hidden gems.