Recycle Bin, Weel of April 25

Happy spring time everybody!  It's an all-white Recycle Bin here this week as we head into the heart of porch-drinking season. (Apologies to everyone shoveling snow in the Rockies!) Cheers!

2014 Sterling Chardonnay Central Coast $9
Though reviewed before, a shout out to the little chardonnay that could in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due. This nine dollar (or less) wonder is available pretty much everywhere inexpensive wine is sold. Clean, robust, and universally likeable, it may not exude fitness, but it sure does pack a lot of enjoyment for the dollar. Broadly-appealing, so this is one to stock up on for when the neighbors stop by.

2014 Inama Soave Classico $15
This Soave is not at all dissimilar to others I've had recently: soft, round, and with a delicate creaminess that does not overshadow the middle weight fruit. Flavors prance like a ballerina through the palate in a refreshing ballet. Unlike many other Italian whites, the acidity in this white is so soft and subtle as to be completely unobtrusive.  Close to irresistible.

2014 Shannon Ridge Chardonnay Lake County $10
Textbook California chard with medium-generous fruit with a hint of tropicalia, and corresponding proportions of butter and oak.  If you're into this profile, it's a good value.  Give it up for Lake County!