Yay Sudtirol!

Sudtirolean wines are no strangers to this site.  Delivering equal parts value, consistency, and excitement, there's an involuntary "buy" reaction every time I see that capsule logo. Another installment of these come with strong recommendations for hot weather porch drinking.  For more, read here.)

2015 Kelerei Kaltern Cantina Pinot Grigio Alto Adige $17
Light, clean, and almost austere in the glass and nose. But all that changes at the first sip. Prominent honeysuckle framed by bracing minerality and delicate acidity unfold quickly. Delightfully balanced and with a clean finish, it's tough not to reach for the bottle and pour yourself another glass.  Again and again and again.

2015 Erste+Neue Pinot Bianco Weiss Burgunder $16.50
Crackling with crystaline energy. Pure, clean, and delicately honeyed. Acids are soft but enough to provide a hint of structure. Perhaps a little too easy to drink. Very satisfying on its own, but will complement summer fare quite well indeed