Italian Wine for Bordeaux lovers (And at $10!)

2013 Fattoria San Felo 'Balla la Vecchia' Maremma $10
There's just so much good to say about this one, it's tough to know where to start. The price is an easy one, though. $10 doesn't buy you what it used to, but in this case it buys way, way more. Then there is the substance of the wine itself: supple and with extraordinary grace, the cabernet, merlot, sangiovese blend strikes an incredible balance of poise and flavor at the price. Moderate alcohol also lets the finesse show without interference.  For those who complain that Italian wines are too rustic and acidic, this offers a lovely counterpoint. I poured this at a dinner party recently next to a cabernet from Paso Robles and a pinot from Monterrey. Someone commented that it tasted light.  Maybe they even said that it was watery. Next to those two other wines, who could blame them? But all night long I had that bottle to myself and was damn glad, too!