10 Years Just Perfect

With those couple of rants behind us, let's return to the subject at hand… and what an example to resume the conversation with! Easily deserving of the Wine of the Week designation, it just as easily earns Wine of the Quarter. While vintage port gets the lion's share of attention in this country, a trip to Portugal a couple of years ago taught me this important lesson: dollar for dollar, pound for pound, the smart money is spent on ten-year tawnies. I just need to remind myself of that more often. Here's proof of why:

NV Dow's 10 Year Tawny Port $36
Oozing with character and beckoning, warm elegance, this epitomizes what port drinking experiences should be. Slightly viscous and wrapped in flavors of hazelnut, plum, caramel, and subtle burnt orange peel, a little goes a long way. Though some may scoff at the price tag, consider that this bottle was enjoyed over the course of a month in a household with much higher than average consumption. An added bonus: over the course of that month the character only evolved rather than diminished. When amortized over the evenings that it provided a lovely cap to, this bottle is a sizzling bargain.