And Another Thing...

Technological advances are felt across so many aspects of life that they have become expected in their ubiquitousness.  Posting updates/articles to this blog (which has run on the Blogger platform since it's inception) is no exception. The Blogger app, created to allow for a more seamless experience in posting from your phone, leveraged the photo, user experience, and voice dictation capabilities of smart phone devices to great effect.

But... adding to the reasons why frequency of postings have dropped of late is this head scratcher: At some point in 2016 google discontinued support for Blogger from the iOS platform. This means that the Blogger app is no longer available from the Apple App Store, And the only way to post from an iPhone or iPad is to do so via the Blogger web interface (which, frankly, sucks).  Net result is that what used to take just two or three minutes is now a 20 minute clumsy ordeal. That kind of barrier will certainly impact production volume.

What now?

The way I see it, the thousands (possibly more) of content producers using this platform have three options: First and most onerous is the prospect of replatforming to a more popular blog platform such as WordPress. (Big sigh.)  Next is to just suck it up and go back to doing things the old-fashioned way; opening up the old laptop and typing away, uploading images that have been transferred from phone to email to hard drive to blog. (Another big sigh.).  Finally, perhaps there is a way to continue posting to the Blogger platform from an iPhone. Alas, Google searches have turned up nothing. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since it's Google that both removed the app and controls search results.

For those of you who are technically inclined, I invite your input. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!