Bordeaux Bargain Again

There only exist a handful of widely available wines that consistently stand up to some age in the bottle.  Bordeaux is one and it's always a treat to revisit these reds after they've had some time to mature.  It's even more fun when you can find one on the shelf that doesn't set you back a week's worth of groceries.

2012 Chateau d'Arveyres Bordeaux Superieur $11
Made of 100% merlot and five years old, this red might not be from a celebrated vintage, but it's got plenty of character and the fruit is holding up just fine. Dusty on the nose and with a slightly muted, graphite-lined palate, it is unmistakably Bordelaise.  Restrained and classy, not complex or flashy.  And at this price, it's a steal.