Parducci- Current Releases

At 85 years old, Parducci is Mendocino's longest running winery.  And, though ownership has changed hands from the Parducci family, the current owners seem intent on maintaining a tradition of producing reliable, middle-of-the-road wines at value prices.  In fact, you'll be hard-pressed to find many drinkable California wines at these prices anymore.  These samples showcase a region that doesn't get enough exposure, but is deserving of your exploration.

2014 Parducci Pinot Noir Small Lot Mendocino County $15
By far my favorite in this lineup, the pinot noir is blissfully absent the overextracted, cloying cola that typifies much of California's pinot these days. Bright and pleasant with a solid, but not overly-intrusive backbone, this is as good a pinot as you'll find for under $15.  Best of all it actually tastes like pinot noir! 

2014 Parducci Cabernet Sauvignon Small Lot Mendocino County $13
Lighter-bodied than expected, but that works to its benefit as this is much more of a European
style. Supple texture and mild density are framed by grippy acidity, leading to a dry, dry finish. Sound like Bordeaux? Yeah, it sort of tastes that way. Nothing terribly profound, but a respectable facsimile.  

2015 Parducci Chardonnay Small Lot Mendocino County $13
Full-bodied and full-flavored with plenty of warming toasted oak and relaxed, plump fruit. Enough structure to hold it together with nary a sharp edge in sight.