Recycle Bin, 'In Search Of Moderation' Edition

Moderatation?  Who needs moderation when you can have extreme? 

Well, everyone needs a break from the norm.  As we prepare for a change of seasons, there's no better time to explore new frontiers for a break from intensity.  All the better that you can do this without compromising on drinking enjoyment.  To that end, here's a little round up of wines that shout less but sing plenty.

2016 Colterenzio Prail Alto Adige Sauvignon $14
A cerebral white that weaves together threads of many filaments. Extremely difficult to deconstruct and describe, but the sensation is one of being led on a brief journey through a kaleidoscope of merging , contrasting colors. Minerality meets fruit meats herbaceousness, stitched together with delicate acidity. Not necessarily a crowd-pleaser, but a wine to impress the thoughtful drinker.

2016 Chateau l'Hermitage Cotes du Rhone Blanc $11
Exactly what it advertises to be.  The seriousness of roussanne with the edge take it off by some grenache and viognier.  Refreshing and lingering.  A wonderful change of pace and a bargain to boot.

2016 Abbazia di Novacella Alto Adige Schiava $17
This is the benchmark for Schiava Why? It's everything of wine should be: full, lively, flavorful, bright, friendly, and relatively inexpensive. Equally important, it's also not what many wines are today: overextracted, dense, one dimensional, expensive, and headache-inducing. Not the best vintage I've had of this wine, so look out for other years for an even greater experience.

2016 Castel Sallegg Bischofsleiten Alto Adige Schiava $14
Quite pale in color but with racy aromatics that excite the news and beckon to the palate where brilliant sun bright flavors glisten with delicate acidity. There's also a distant whiff of brackish salinity to juice the interest factor. Terrific example of how the red wines of this region can deliver a kaleidoscope of flavors without resorting to overbearing density and alcohol.

2015 Matua Pinot Noir Marlborough New Zealand $10
Wait, what? Pinot for $10???  Yes!  And it's well beyond just drinkable.  Bright and juicy with enough nuance to make it interesting.  What a deal!