Suggestions For Thanksgiving

If there is any mention of the holiday at all on these pages, it’s to remind people to not overthink the beverage choice so that there’s plenty of mind space free to exercise gratitude.  In addition to reiterating that sentiment this year, here are a few less ethereal recommendations.

First, Thanksgiving is a quintessentially American holiday, so keep your beverages domestic. Beaujolais nouveau maybe the most heavily marketed wine this time of the year (heck, ever), but there are a million better options from right here in the good old US of A. Enjoy them. 

Next, take that guidance down to the next level of granularity and make sure at least one bottle on your table is local to the region you are celebrating Thanksgiving in. Wine, good wine even, is made everywhere. Open yourself to being surprised while supporting someone sitting at a dining room dinner table not too far away from yours. 

Third, keep it frugal. That doesn’t mean you should buy cheap stuff, it means don’t spend a lot. So much wine priced at $15 a bottle is better than a lot of the stuff priced at over $30 a bottle. Explore, be curious, and be bountiful in your selections along with your gratitude. 

Also, unless it is a subject matter that brings everyone at the table great joy, don’t belabor the wine. Rest assured that it will do it’s job as a social lubricant and accompaniment to the meal whether you fawn on it or not. Instead, perhaps consider lavishing a compliment on someone for their qualities rather than their accomplishments.

Finally, celebrate this holiday in peace and safety. Enjoy, laugh, eat, and rub your belly. We are a lucky bunch all of us. This week is set aside for pausing and realizing that.