Just In Time For Passover

Passover began last Friday and runs through this coming Saturday.  Whether you're in the planning stages of a seder dinner (especially if you're having brisket) or just looking to add something special to a dinner table, this Israeli red is both appropriate for the holiday and a damn good beverage to celebrate a special occasion.  

2015 Galil Mountain Winery Yiron Red Blend Galilee $40 
A serious wine requiring no qualification for its origins, Galil Mountain’s Yiron is a cab-dominant Bordeaux blend that starts out taut and elegant. Aromas are classic: graphite, crushed herbs and violets, and heady dark fruit preserves. The mouth is full, offering unpretentious complexity and densely-packed, black flavors. As it opens up (two or so hours decanted) it sings, with perfumes becoming more pronounced and the flavors more relaxed, expansive, and really coming alive. The finish is long and graceful - and haunting.  Excellent and precise.