Recycle Bin, Week of April 22

A terrific Chilean red, a surprisingly wonderful rosé, and a pair of energetic Italians are the highlights of this week's round up of samples.  You'll see a trio from Lodi, whose winegrowers association never disappoints with their unique samples (note that there isn't a single zin in the lot!) But don't overlook the Italy and Chile here - these international players continue to over deliver dollar for dollar.

2017 Villa Barbi Orvieto Classico $15
Brilliant sunshine and energy burst alive in this mineral-infused Umbrian white. Half grechetto and with sauvignon blanc and vermentino, this versatile wine will please all summer long.

2016 Mazzi Valpolicella Classico Superiore 'Sanperetto' $19
A rivulet of salinity winds its way through this unique and utterly enjoyable. Dry, clean, and with a crunch of western Veneto sunbeams, this Valop deftly stradles the borderlands of savory/fruit. Mamma mia!

2015 Primus The Blend Colchagua $19
It’s been close to a decade since I’ve seen this wine on shelves, so I was pretty excited to get reacquainted. In years past it has been a solid, reliable red guaranteed to please crowds, yet provide enough character and complexity to satisfy the wine nerds among us. Slightly more expensive and more honestly Chilean than the last time I had it, this blend has otherwise remained consistent: black extracted fruit with blue green highlights is framed by a lithe structure that exudes purity and offers good tannic grip. Though the green vegetable aspect is not something I normally gravitate to, in this wine it complements many other desirable qualities. Enjoyable and very well made. Grilled steak lovers rejoice!

2018 LangeTwins Winery and Vineyards Aglianico Rosé Lodi $20
Rich salmon in color, this dry, lively rose is an absolute delight. It’s fully decked out with crisp acidity, focused fruit, and an elegant structure. could not help myself from returning again and again to this substantial and lovely wine.  Wow.

2018 Acquiesce Winery and Vineyards Ingénue White Blend Lodi $32
Packaged in a clear glass teardrop/amphora shaped bottle, the pale color is on display and the full effect of the presentation seems to be a bit of a novelty. But the complexity of the nose makes a terrific first impression: plenty of bright interest here. The supple texture is juxtaposed against the prominent bite of acidity, leaving the soft fruit in the background until it emerges on the long finish. Made of a kitchen sink blend of varieties you've likely never heard of, wine geeks will love all that’s going on in this.

2018 m2 Wines Vermentino Lodi $20
Though platinum blonde in color, this extroverted and expressive Italian variety is anything but coy. Possessed by a humming energy, the acidity and Krystaline fruit play off of each other resulting in and accessible brilliance. Dangerously easy, yet companionable to summer fare.