Recycle Bin, Week of May 17

It's been a while since we've had a Recycle Bin posting.  This will be short and sweet - 3 reds, all good bang for the buck, and tasty as all get out, particularly with grilled food.  Enjoy!

2017 Domaine Brunet Pinot Noir France $10
Simple, but in an honest, appealing way.  Actually tastes like pinot noir - bright dried cherries, low alcohol, and versatile acidity.  Yum. Oh, and ten bucks!

2016 Chateau Maris La Touge Syrah $13.50
Big, fresh, juicy, and with a lip-smacking backbone of acids that make you come back for more - in a hurry.  Delicious and irresistible.

2016 Altesino Rosso Toscana $14.50
From the venerable Brunello house comes this affordable blend of true Tuscan flavors with some extraction and depth without getting too bogged down in weight.  Anything from pasta to steak will benefit from this as an accompaniment.