Now For Some Good News

I've got plenty of snarky things to say about rosé these days, but then along comes this gem - available probably everywhere - and it makes me happy.  Rosé is a lot cheaper (and faster) to make than the red wine the grapes would otherwise be vinted into. And thanks to its popularity, particularly with a less-discerning demographic (it is trending heavily with hipsters and bros), wineries the world over are cranking it out in such a hurry that quality appears to be an afterthought voiced in a giggle. 

The marketplace is so saturated in medicrre rosé, you have to be willing to suffer through a lot of duds before landing a delight.  Here's one of those:

2018 Chateau Ste Michelle Rosé Columbia Valley $10
The label says that it's crisp, dry, and elegant.  I agree, though it's probably more crowd-pleasing than elegant.  Nevertheless, it's also lip-smacking delish and has - wait for it - character.  All this for $10?  And I grabbed it at the grocery store?!  It's a find, alright.  This is just the second vintage for CSM making this wine, which is made mostly from syrah with around a quarter merlot.  Wow.