Italian White Delight

There aren't too many white wines over $20 I'm inclined to recommend, but every once in a while a wine knocks your socks so clean off, it's worth the splurge.  So, as summer begins its (hopefully) languid slide into retirement, here's one such beauty to enjoy as the long rays of a setting sun filter through tree tops.

2016 Garofoli Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOCG Classico Superiore “Podium” $26 (Sample)
Delightful. Channeling pure minerality in a full, round fruit package conjuring springtime white flowers and zest, this brilliant white is beguiling and transportive. Better yet, it serves as a perfect reference point for a class of wines that get little attention here in the US.  Verdicchio itself can be pedestrian and fair, but takes on more complexity when grown in the Castelli di Jesi region on the east coast of Italy, over the mountains from Florence. The Classico Superiore designation is an indicator of ampe-up quality.  But this particular bottling is from a single vineyard and made with both skill and deference.  Invia piĆ¹ presto!