We're all familiar with pecorino cheese, but pecorino wine? Well, it turns out that pecorino is also an Italian grape, once thought to be extinct, but (thankfully) brought back by contemporary farmers who rediscovered after genotyping a vineyard and finding some surviving vines. Quite by happenstance, I enjoyed some with a meal in Bologna earlier this year - it was available by the glass at a casual joint.  And, again by happenstance, I came across a bottle of it on a store shelf in Lexington, Kentucky, of all places.  Definitely a change of pace - and a fun one at that.  I'll be searching for more of this, and you should, too.

2018 Saldini e Pilastri Pecorino Offida $10
Made from organically-grown grapes from the Offida region on the Adriatic, this mouthful of a wine is round and plump like new world chardonnay, but flavored like a bowl full of gorgeous white flowers and minerality. Multi-dimensional and very versatile, this can be enjoyed on its own or with mid-weight fare.  That it's just ten dollars is a marvel and a gift.