Valentines Day Drinking (Without Breaking The Bank)

It feels a little contrived to be pushing bubbles for Valentine's Day, but reviewing these French sparklers has been long overdue. The truth is that any day is a good day for sparkling wine, especially friendly, elegant bottles such as these.  That they are so reasonably priced - and very low in residual sugar - is a serious bonus, especially given their QPR.  Savvy drinkers will bypass the premium pricing of Champagne and instead reach for these - it'll leave more money for upgrading your flowers.

A brief postscript here...since reviewing these, I've been enjoying them over a series of evenings as a pre-dinner treat. Shoving a skinny wine cork deep into the neck and keeping the bottles refrigerated does an amazing job of retaining the effervescence, further drawing out the special feeling that bubbles delivers.  It's fun and I recommend doing the same.

NV Faire La Fête Brut Limoux $19
Bright, crisp, and refreshing, there's a lot more substance and character to this than I had expected.  Solid backbone supports a formidable mid-palate, both of which are framed by a high cheek boned poise and dancing acidity.  The only problem with it is that my glass seems to be empty very quickly.

NV Faire La Fête Brut Rosé Limoux $19
Clearly related to the platinum-colored brut, this salmon-hued version is everything its sibling is and more.  Refined, substantive, and perhaps a bit more serious in its delivery, this bone dry wine oozes sophistication without being austere or showy.