Wine Writing In These Times

If you've come back to check on what wines I've been recommending, well, it's been a quiet month or so. And not without good reason. Contemplating wine is a luxury, a folly of epic proportions in the most joyful of times.  However, these are not the most joyful of times, and writing about wine right now sort of feels like laughing at a funeral: inappropriate.

Yes, we all want distractions (like what to drink tonight) to help get us through the tough times, to make us feel like there's eventually going to be a return to normalcy.  But maybe now is one of those times when distractions and normalcy are also inappropriate.

When these pages do light up again - and they will before long - I've got a back log of recommendations to catch us all up on.  Until then, stay safe, stay sane, and participate in positive change (perhaps with a glass of wine in hand.)