Heads Up: Spirits Coverage Coming!

Regular readers may recall my lamentation over the wine industry's steadily declining value proposition. The price of wine has outpaced inflation and income levels by pretty much any measure, making wine increasingly elitist. Meanwhile, very high quality craft beer and spirits have become increasingly accessible, bringing to market compelling alternatives to wine. Don't get me wrong, wine remains a fixture on my dinner table, and the hunt for discoveries and value will continue to dominate the writing you'll find here. But you will also begin to see some diversity on these pages, starting with some spirits coverage soon. The idea here is to introduce you to some of the other imbibing products out there that may be deserving of your exploration. 


A point of clarification, or disclaimer, perhaps: While I appreciate a good cocktail as much as the next thirsty desperado, fancy-pants mixology shan't be a focal point of spirits reviews here. There are just too many variables external to a liquor product that impact the enjoyment thereof to make mixed drinks a fair way to evaluate, so all bottles submitted for review will be tasted solo (and/or with ice.) Besides, I'm more of a purist anyway.

Have a specific request? Fire away!