Me Gusta Tequila Blanco

A wise man once told me that you can't separate sensation from experience, explaining why a drink might taste so wonderful under some conditions (where, when, and with whom), yet later lack the same mystique.  If you've ever enjoyed a tropical cocktail while vacation in the tropics, then attempted to reproduce it back home, you understand this phenomenon.

Occasionally, however, a sensation can produce its own experience.  Case in point: if you close your eyes after popping a fresh, quality oyster in your mouth, it can transport you to that layer of sea water just under a wave's foam - magic that can be purchased for the mere cost of a bivalve. Turns out the right tequila can have strikingly similarly properties.

La Adelita Tequila Blanco $50

The crisp nose exudes precision and clears the stage for the sensory ride that follows. The attack on the palate is an intense laser beam, channeling magical saline qualities and shining like a beating sun smiling on a breezy stretch of deserted beach. Bright, clean, dry, and crackling with energy, it’s hard to put down. Given the chance to mellow over ice, the midsection unfolds into meaty substance, which will appeal to some more than others. That same substance, however, will benefit any mixers/cocktail ingredients, though my preference for a quality product like this is to enjoy it neat, preserving the intensity and saline flavors. Need to know more? Get your own bottle - it’ll be the cheapest beach vacation you’ve ever taken.