A Rum Like None Other

Chalk it up to a misspent youth in Puerto Rico and general aversion to sweet things, but I’ve never been much of a rum person. So, why is this one is so darn appealing? 

Montanya Distillers Oro High Mountain Rum Colorado $30 (Purchased)

With a nose that sits somewhere between Caribbean molasses and blended Scotch, one whiff lets you know this is no ordinary spirit. Distilled in Crested Butte from Louisiana sugar cane and Colorado mountain water, the Montanya Oro ($30) is aged in American white oak for a year before bottling. That cooperage plays an important role, imparting a peppery framing for the fleet-footed body. The effect of the combined factors is layered complexity and sophistication fitted over a focused core. With lingering spiciness, the finish is crisp and dry.  From Montanya Distillers.