Baby Chablis (Or Chablis, Baby!)

Burgundy is where chardonnay first found fame. And while Chablis, at the north end of Burgundy, is home to the most famous vineyards, chardonnay is the main white grape grown throughout the region. Some of it is insane - both in brilliance and cost (some grand cru Chablis can set you back upwards of $300,) but it's a risky bet, too. So, anytime I come across an affordably-priced white Burgundy, I like to give it a try.  Occasionally you find a winner, as was the case with this little find.

2018 Vignerons de Bel Air Chardonnay 'Grande QV' $13 (Purchased)

Nothing at all like chardonnay grown in the New World, this entry level Burgundy is a textbook example of why experimentation with these wines is worth the effort.  Little in the way of flab and with balanced acidity, this falls short of complex, but doesn't need to be at this price. Unexpectedly delightful and poised, it shows shades of brilliance and energy with no shouting or no show-boating. Just plain tasty.  BONUS: They make a 100% gamay red that's equally worth your efforts to find.