My New Favorite Bourbon

Still Austin Straight Bourbon 'The Musician' $45 (Sample)

The deep amber hue of this straight bourbon offers an enticing preview of what awaits in the glass where the inviting, warm, caramel-laced aromas beckon. Given 20 minutes to absorb an ice cube, the scents unfold further into a relaxed, seductive on-ramp for the palate. The first taste’s initial heat is muted, allowing the precise, yet mellow flavors to settle in for the duration. Here the barrel's vanillin and spices complement rather than compete with a core spirit that is mercifully clean and absent any hint of cloying. The added rye (25%) and barley (5%) have an out-sized influence, amping up the sophistication factor. While a single slurp’s finish easily lasts minutes, only the most patient will be able to resist a rapid cycle of enjoy-drain-refill. Guessed it to be a $75 bottle, so delighted by how reasonably priced it is. Beautifully packaged, and very, very good indeed.