Youthful Vigor For The Win

Looking for something refreshing and exceptional to drink while you're tending to the grill this weekend?  Some of the most amazing wines I've had this decade have been Portuguese whites.  And when you factor in their affordability, this category is a haven for mind-blowing wine drinking experiences.  Selection, however, has not been all that terrific, but that's beginning to change.  Case in point is this albariño from Vinho Verde's Monção e Melgaço subregion:

2019 Quinta do Regueiro Alvarinho Foral de Melgaco $16 (Sample)

The youthful vigor and energy in this exuberant white are exciting. Snappy and alive, the intersection of vibrating fruit and salivary gland-inducing acidity pops like fireworks. Plenty of citrus and springtime grass cuttings, this is a European cousin to Northern California sauvignon blanc. Dry, crisp, and precise. Very enjoyable!