Harvey’s, The Bristol Cream Solera Sherry $20 - 91 Points (Really)

Growing up in the UK in the mid 1970's, Harvey's Bristol Cream advertising was everywhere from double-deckers to formula race cars. The hangover of that ubiquity lasted decades, leaving the impression that it was some kind of simple dessert wine for the masses. And while it mostly is, until this sample arrived, I had never touched the stuff. But wine reviewing demands a mind as open as the mouth. So, as the holidays approached, it was time to give it a go. What a pleasant surprise. Anyone who's had the pleasure of enjoying a sharp tawny port will find much to love in this easy to find, affordable sherry. Sweet and nutty, the caramel, raisin and baking spice flavors offer a comforting hug and a warming blanket of goodness. So sorry not to have given this a try earlier, as this will be one to return to again in the future. And the new packaging looks quite smart. Bravo. 91 Points (Sample)