Barrell Craft Spirits Dovetail $80 - 94 Points

This whiskey's experience is bookended by the influence of the barrels used to finish the 124 proof blend: rum, port, and cabernet. Pretty copper color, rick house aromas that flaunt the rum and port's round sweetness. The attack is immediate heat followed quickly by a sweet embrace of orange, liquorish, and pecan pie. The spice package that frames all this confection is a thrill ride in technicolor. The body offers a kaleidoscope of pepper, oak, dried herbs, citrus peel, and stone fruit. Finishes strong and long with a clean sweetness; more echoes of those finishing barrels. The heat remains, even watered down to 90 proof, so fans of spirited spiciness and high toned botanicals will enjoy the dizzying effect. Excellent. 94 points (Sample)