Double Trouble: Two Unusual $14 Wines Worth The Search

These two wines could not be more different except for two important thing they share in common: First, I find them both to be irresistible. And, second, they are outliers.

Let's start with the red on the left. Hailing from the same region as the famous Brunello di Montalcino wines, Sant'Antimo can be scarce in the United States, but often turns out wines of terrific character. Non-sangiovese wines are permitted and, thanks to the region's more famous designations, the Sant'Antimos can be had at a fraction of the price. Anytime I see one on the shelf, I grab it, and the hit rate is quite high. this one definitely does not disappoint. The 2018 Collosorbo Sant'Antimo Le Due Gemme ($14 Purchased) has something for everyone: Body, oomph, gripping acidity, food friendliness, and a value-minded price tag. Made of 70% sangiovese, 20% syrah, and 5% each of merlot and cab oak-aged for 10 months.

The white on the right is a different beast altogether, but is also a an outlier. From the Willamette Valley of Oregon, it is somewhat of a kitchen sink blend of white grapes. Though that area is best known for its (mostly overpriced) pinot noir, this crisp, energetic, and dry refresher clocks in at a mere 12% alcohol, making it a super friendly, thirst quenching pre-dinner bevie. And look at the price tag, for crying out loud! Bravo for the 2020 Vin de Days Blanc Willamette Valley ($14 Purchased)

Enjoy either, or better yet both as soon as possible. I'm stocking up!