Now For Something Unusual: 2017 Del Buono Sangiovese $17

Here's something unusual. It's a 100% sangiovese from Tuscany that was vinified in Italy, shipped in large tanks to the east coast, where it was then bottled into reusable/returnable glass. Gotham Project is behind this (and many other similarly-delivered wines.) This enjoyable red is very interesting, with a smooth texture, honest old-school sangiovese character, and a savory finish. No doubt these qualities are at least partially the result of biodynamic farming. 

As for the eco-conscious angle, one has to applaud the idea, if not the execution. The person at the wine shop where I picked this up was excited about the model, but perplexed why no one had brought any of the returnable bottles back. Perhaps if they offered some sort of incentive like many states do on returnable bottles, people might be more inclined?