Untethered Pinot Noir Deal

Nearly a year and a half ago, I sang the praises of one of Cameron Hughes' De Negoce offerings; Lot 70 Willamette Valley pinot noirs. Back then, the only way to procure there was to buy a sampler pack: 3 bottles each of 4 different clonal bottlings. Two of these were fine, but the other two made it worth buying a whole case just to get my hands on the 6 terrific bottles.

Today, those cases have been split up so to speak, such that you can buy each clonal bottling individually - which I just did. Blends C and D are extraordinary examples of Willamette Valley precision and focus. This is what I'll be opening on Thanksgiving after all the guests go home.

Bonus: the price per bottle has effectively remained the same: $20. Order a mis-and-match case and they'll throw in shipping.

There's not much left, so do as I did and get your shopping on. Even better: If you are a first time shopper, use this referral code and both you and I get $25 off our next orders.